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. right now it's down to the low 50s in the shenandoah valley and out in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. chilly there. montgomery, arlington, fairfax. by 7:00 a.m., cloudy. winds still blustery. upper 60s and partly cloudy. and then a for justigorgeous af with low humidity, sunshine. low 70s by 3:00. sunset at 7:09. hometown forecast at 7:11. danella with the look at first 4 traffic. " >>> a live view at chopper 4. as you make your way east, the headlights, you can see volume. good news on 66, not seeing any accidents. you are a bit sluggish. your first set of delays on i-66 as you make your way eastbound. as you make your way past the rest area. travel lanes are open. it's that time of morning, you are starting to hit the brakes. taking the dulles toll road, your travel speed as you hit the beltway, 60 miles per hour. very low volume. that drive is going to take you six minutes. also looking good is 29. if you're along 29 between columbia and the beltway in both directions, no major delays just yet. no accidents. southbound is beginning to pick up volume. >>> a heads
reports that the u.s. ambassador to libya has been killed. we are going to have the very latest on that this morning. >> here at home, shot and killed while simply walking to school and this morning, police continue their search for answers. more on the investigation into the death of and 18-year-old prince george's county high school student. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. >>> straight up 6:00. live look at the u.s. capitol dome. we'll talk about what is happening in the weather department as well as traffic. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> women a sarah simmons. we are following breaking news this morning from the middle east. the american ambassador to libya was killed in a rocket attack early this morning. >> now, reports are still coming in and details are still coming out as well but it appears the ambassador and three other workers at the u.s. consulate have died. doug luzader is live on capitol hill with more on this morning's event. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we are still waiting for confirmation on this. this is being reported just by
following outrage over an anti-islam film produced in the u.s. it's the same film, u.n. officials say, sparked the deadly attack in libya that killed four americans, including a u.s. ambassador. right now outside kabul, police are firing shots in the air, trying to protect buildings downtown. pushing back an angry mob of about 800. reporting live in the news room, angie goff, news 4. >> right now it's 6:01. here's a look at storm team 4 radar, and something we have not seen in quite a while, rain. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with weather and traffic on the ones. >> we had to blow the dust off the radar, give it a good whack, see if it still works, and it does. >>> there is the view showing that we do have some moderate to heavy rain falling along the gulf coast. it stretches up into louisiana, arkansas, into tennessee, western kentucky. and that, yes, is advancing toward us. but ahead of that, we've got a clear sky. temperatures are chilly again this morning. only the upper 40s to near 50. most of the northern virginia, the shenandoah valley, most of maryland, only nea
-profile u.s. target timed to strike on the anniversary of nerve. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. -- on the anniversary of 9-11. >> straight up 6:00 right now. taking a look at the waning crescent moon. a knew machine -- a new moon just around the corner for us. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. we've been talking about this moon. gorgeous. in a couple of days, it will be a new moon. >> that is i moon you won't see. >> we'll show you the new moon. you won't see it. >> but you'll know it is a new moon. >> you get the idea. >> all right. let's just talk weather. >> we are good early in the morning. >> we are awesome. >> 63 at reagan national. confused me and i was the one telling you about it a minute ago. 55 at bwi marshall. no need for an umbrella as we are looking at bright sunshine through outthe day. i don't think you'll see more than a cloud or two just like yesterday. there is your radar, nice and quiet. i get paid to make it go round and round. maybe a few showers tomorrow, late tomorrow. we'll have details on that coming up. but for today, sunshine, wa
. the temperatures plunged to the 40s. tom kierein now with a look at your forecast. tom, good morning. >> yeah. in fact, it's the coldest morning we have had since way last may. it's been four months. we're not used to this. you need to layer up, dig into your closet and find a sweater as we're starting off this morning, all these areas in the light blue, the 40s. and that includes most of virginia and maryland. out in west virginia, americwes maryland, the upper 30s. this is like a morning in early december, not late september. we still have warm waters around the bay. even so, look at ocean city. 53 there this morning. and here's the view from space. we have just a few high clouds drifting up from the south. they'll be with us from time to time this morning. give us a beautiful sunrise probably, which is at 6:54. by 7:00, in the upper 40s. by noontime, near 70. low humidity, lots of sun. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. >>> now to decision 2012. today, tim kaine, george allen square off in a live televised debate in northern virginia. it is the first of three debates the vir
. >>> but this morning, 53 in college park. 52 ft. belvar in springfield. reston, temperatures mid-50s. 54 in gaithersburg and damascus. your morning commute, no complaints at all, bright and sunny. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s for now. no complaints there. an easy, easy weather forecast through the rest of the day. by noontime, plenty of sunshine, nice and warm. noontime temperatures, mid to upper 70s. highs upper 70s to low 80s. by the time you're going back home to work and school. temperatures upper 70s to low 80s. nothing to complain about there. if you're headed out to the baseball game, first pitch at 7:05 for the brewers. clear skies and 75 degrees. we'll be back in a few minutes with a check of your hometown forecast. for now, a check of the roads with first 4 traffic. >> good morning. >>> right now i'm following breaking news on the roadways. if you're traveling southbound 3 at 450, chopper 4 is over the scene right now. this crash was blocking all of your lanes. luckily, it has moved to the shoulder lane. and now just your left lane is blocked by police here. you are s
following this week's deadly attack on the u.s. embassy. the victim making their final journey home as world leaders try to bring the violence to an end. >> a new poll reveals a tight race in three battleground states. the number neck and neck when it comes to which presidential candidate think will do a better job turning the economy around. fox 5 morning news continues. >>> good morning to you, straight up 6:00. it is friday, september 14th. right off the top, we are showing you breaking news. the end of of a police chase that went on for more than an hour through prince george's county before coming to an end on the side of the beltway near route 1 in college park. i'm he wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. we'll check some with julie wright in just a moment on that. first, we want to get the latest on our weather for today with tucker barnes. >> nice conditions in the 50s and low 60s. a good looking weekend too. something to look forward to as we get into saturday and sunday. lots of sunshine in the 70s. >> good-looking weekend. >> jackets for the kids this morning. >> maybe a light jac
. a southerly wind for today. that's going to take our temperatures into the mid-70s, giving us more seasonable conditions for this tuesday. but take a look. we're talking about some of the areas north and west of town that are in the low 40s. culpeper, 41 around frederick, maryland. and mt. airy. 43 leesburg and sterling and warrenton. 46 right now down south around la plata and waldorf, maryland. some clouds coming into our area, but not until tomorrow where we get the mostly cloudy sky. for today, first part of your day, nothing but sunshine and cool conditions. big range in temperatures, 47 to 56 degrees right in town. by lunchtime today it's going to be pretty nice. 67 to 70 degrees. more seasonal conditions. and then in the afternoon, for the afternoon commute, partly sunny, nice and milder. getting up to a high temperature today from 72 to 76 degrees. i'll have a look at your for four-day forecast in a few. >> now at bw parkway at landover road. have an accident. luckily, it's now moved to the right shoulder lane. police on the scene. you are seeing some volume as cars slow down to make
this rng mon morning. we're in the low to mid-60s. 65 in college park. 64 in camp springs. your forecast for the morning commute. umbrella ready. isolated light showers. mild start from the upper 50s to low 60s. by afternoon, 74 to 77. shower chances mainly north around maryland. a high today 84 degrees. i'll be back with the four-day forecast. right now first 4 traffic. >> thanks, veronica. >>>ere we have a live look from chopper 4 over i-270 as you make your way closer to germantown road, the earlier accident was just allowing the left lane to get by. now it's moved to the right shoulder lane. still seeing delays once you make your way past clarksburg road, you're heavy on the brakes, very heavy on the brakes to father hurley, and then sluggish as you continue towards germantown road. you can see choppers panning out, heavy volume in this area. let's head over to an accident. northbound on gw parkway trying to get to the inner loop of the beltway. that ramp is blocked by an accident involving an overturned vehicle. back in ten minutes with an update. aaron and eun, back over to you. >>
in tucker barnes with a little bit on our changing weather. >> back in the 40s in some spots. >> you need a light jacket, long sleeved shirt as kids were headed to the bus stop. we'll warm it up again in the upper 70s. a few spots will be close to 80. i know its astartling, isn't it? sound like the law and order theme music is what tony said yesterday. >> no rain appeared today. nothing more than a few clouds from time to time. lots of sunshine and dry. i mean the humidity levels are in check too here for your afternoon. let's a do some temperatures now at reagan national. we are at 57 degrees. but much of the area, particularly north and west has fallen back into the 40s. even some mid-40s. 50 right now in pittsburgh. 43 in binghamton. the entire mid-atlantic northeast seaboard here enjoying some own unseasonably cold temperatures. >> lost temperatures. thank you, tucker. >> time now to say hello to julie wright. see what is happening with on- time traffic. >> we do have say the bit of an incident to report as you guys continue in montgomery county along woodfield and warfield. that is w
responsibility, saying they do this in retaliation to an anti-islam film made in the u.s. the video has enraged those in many countries. afghans stoned police and burned their cars. rioting last week in libya left a u.s. ambassador and three others dead. this was the first suicide car bombing carried out by a female in afghanistan. reporting from the news 4 live desk, angie goff, news 4. >>> and the u.s. has changed its strategy in response to the amount of insider attacks in afghanistan. joint operations between the u.s. and afghan militaries are now suspended until further notice. this comes after afghan troops are suspected of killing four americans. one senior officials tells the newspaper, quote, we can't trust these individuals. >>> helping investigate vandalism at a mosque in virginia. on friday morning, worshippers found the building spray painted with vulgar images and racial slurs. the council on american-islamic relations is calling it a possible hate crime. police say it wasn't clear if the vandalism was directed at muslims. they also found graffiti at a high school and christian sc
in stages. so by the end of the weekend, temperatures will only be in the upper 70s and low 80s with less humidity. going to feel like fall around here if you hang in there for a few days. currently, it is warm and muggy. 79 in washington. that is a very warm start. 71 this morning, pittsburgh, new york, boston. enjoying temperatures in the mid-70s as well. here is your forecast for today. highs, mid- to upper 80s. could be a shower or thunderstorm around early. later this afternoon, best chance later today will be south and east of the city as our front moves through. there you go, still temperatures above normal today. >> the sun is rising later. the humidity is like disappearing. what is julie wright going to do with herself. >> 199south for the winter. >> i already told you. the airline is booked. i'm ready to go. the first of november, i'm out here. i'll work. i just have to work from a warm area with palm trees and sand. still a tough go coming in out of the manassas making your way past the car rest area. the car is on the shoulder there. you will find delays on 66 leaving fair oak
. >>> we are following a developing story at this hour. a u.s. government vehicle targeted. at least two people were killed. it is unclear at this point which country they were from. >> i surge and attack against the u.s. forces and others leading for a change in the training of afghan police units. we'll tell you what is happening toen sure thorough background checks. >>> but first, he grabbed headlines with his mass we had go ahead and led a legion of followers. this morning, we are looking back on the life of reverend moon. we'll be right back. what can i get you ? cheeseburger. you know what, got any salads ? b-ball, anyone ? and then take your leg wide out to the side. you can do it, dad ! thanks, girls. i'm really proud of you, dad. make the most of your network with verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. >>> the reverend sun myung moon has died. he became known for holding mass weddings. the church also built a business empire which included "the washington times." the reverend moon died of come indications from pneumonia. he was 92 years old. >>> a chain
's 69 in philadelphia. 64 degrees in new york city. our high temperature today as we rise out of the 60s there for the morning hours with those showers staying north. noontime we're dry. upper 70s by lunchtime. and then rain and thunder back after about 5:00 p.m., we should hit a high around 83. >>> checking the roads for you, we're looking at university boulevard. following this throughout the morning. chopper 4 is over the scene, and here's what's happening. traveling westbound, the earlier accident resulted in a downed pole. that's blocking tw of yo ining right lanes. you are able to get by single file to the left. let's head over to i-270, slow this this area. again from frederick, heavier delays now as you make your way southbound past 109. very sluggish. clarksburg looks good. germantown seeing more volume in that area, but no accidents and not heavy delays just yet as you make your way from german town to rockville. heading over to i-66, let's talk about some delays. seeing congestion build eastbound, really from the bypass as you make your way toward 50, you can see heavier delay
's going to be all the way! >> the bengals weren't ready to let the redskins celebrate a win in rg3's first home game. what a tough loss. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today" on this monday, september 24th, 2012. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. 57 degrees outside our studios. much cooler in some places. storm team 4's veronica johnson in for tom this week. bundle up, right? >> this all came in over the weekend. saturday was the warm day over the weekend. sunday the cool air came in, just in time as fall had arrived. actually arrived on saturday. >> good timing. >> our first cool day was sunday. great timing. mother nature always knows how to do it. >>> 43 to 55, that's what we're talking about this morning. the huge range of temperatures. 43 to our north and west. we do have a few clouds out there. a bit of an october chill with a few clouds. make sure the kids are bundled up this morning. just a bit as they head to the bus stop. 57 degrees is the current reading. reagan national with a light wind out of the north. that wind, a dry wind too. 50 degrees right now in leesburg. 47
s. >>> some local leaders preparing to address the democratic national committee tonight. and first lady michelle obama will take to the podium. >> we'll head live to north carolina for a preview. plus, melanie alnwick is following the big story here at home. >> it will be a busy day on northern virginia roads as students head back to school but there are big concerns in one school system about how the students are going to get there. fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now. >>> good morning to you. it is tuesday, september 4th, happy tuesday. you know, we've got a lot of school districts in northern virginia going back for the first day of school today. en is getting back in the mix. also, a lot of traffic because of what is happening with schools and everything going on, holidays over. everybody is back to work. everybody is back to school. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. since everyone is going back, they want to know what is the weather going to be like. it will be a humid one for them, tucker. >> yes, offy to ahumid start. we'll be humid later today, tonight. >
ever of the most significant operations in u.s. history and it is something that i believe deserves to be told right and deserves to go in a book and stand for itself. en i'm not talking secrets or tactics. don't even get into any of that stuff but i try to give the read are a sense of what it is like to be there. >> the pentagon has said it may pile charges against the author because the manuscript was not submitted for prepublication security review. >>> tomorrow marks eleven years since the september 11th attacks. here in the district, washington national cathedral will not hold a special ceremony. however, there will be prayers offered during the regularly scheduled services. president obama and the first lady are expected to attend a private ceremony at the pentagon but first, they will hold a moment of silence for the victims on the white house lawn. vice president joe biden will speak at the memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania remembering the victims killed on unite flight 93. that flight was supposedly headed for d.c. but passengers on board revolted and were able to take
hurd contacted one of rg3's agents earlier this year, saying he had information that would damage the qb's reputation. hurd, who played basketball at baylor, demanded $1 million in exchange for his silence. griffin's agents contacted the police, who arrested hurd. he pled guilty to extortion charges and will be released in november. >>> authorities working to find a suspect in a murder case who might have come to our area. investigators believe 42-year-old anthony taglianetti of woodbridge killed a school superintendent outside buffalo last week. they say he drove to new york to kill him and is now believed to be back in the virginia area. police say the two men knew each other, but they wouldn't release a possible motive for the attack. you see tag lianetti's picture here. he is considered armed and dangerous. >>> the wife of a man attacked near eastern market is speaking out. thomas maslin was beaten and robbed of his iphone and cash. the men then robbed three other people later that night. the police caught and arrested them for those robberies. police found four phones when th
today. headed to the low 90s. >> thank you. >>> time now to say hello to julie wright, see what is happening on the roads. >> and that little bit of summer is just for you, sarah simmons. >> thank you. i know you send it to me with love. >> i do. i'm loving it. i really am. >> the serve is escalate ors are out of service. the entrance escalators are out of service at foggy bottom. the station remains open. be prepared for this. if you want to make the like down the steps, you can. bus service has been requested at foggy bottom. the crew in sky fox joining us this morning. they happen to be live over 66 coming inbound from fair oaks to the beltway. lanes are open. no problems to report. the j team with us this morning, jeff, john and jeremy doing their thing. no trouble spots to report right now. we had a little something stopped on the shoulder. that has since cleared so lanes are open and pace is good leaving nutley street to the beltway. southbound 270, no problems to report out of gaithersburg. traffic is stacked up approaching and passing 109 making your way through hyattsto
. good morning, everyone. take live look over washington, de. temperatures in the 70s. a little bit of humidity still hanging around out there. we'll check in with gwen in just a little bit. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we'll get to weather and traffic in just a moment. president obama addressed the democratic national convention. let's go live fox's nicole collins in charlotte with the latest for us. >> good morning. the president made the argument that he rescued the economy from disaster and that the recovery would be compromised for a republican ends up in the white house. president obama making his case to voters that america is on the road to economic recovery but he needs more time to make it happen. >> it will take more than a few years for us to solve challenges that have built up over decades. >> the president full of zingers slammed republican nominee's mitt romney's policy. >> field a cold come on? take two tax cuts, roll back some regulation and call us in the morning. >> one more thing our republican opponents are just dead wr
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20